Los Porkys Group Part of Political Elite in Mexico Who Can Rape with Impunity

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Veracruz, Mexico Governor Javier Duarte

Photo: Javier Duarte, Governor of Veracruz
VERACRUZ, MEXICO (IFR)—Daphne Fernández was assaulted sexually by a group of men in Veracruz, Mexico. These young men are locally known as Los Porkys. Fernández identified the men and they admitted guilt on video, according to an online petition seeking justice. So far, not one of the men have been arrested or had charges brought against them. Ma Elena Morera started a Change.org petition to create a change in her community, where she believes an elite class of people can harm others with impunity.

Morera is petitioning Javier Duarte, the Governor of Veracruz to arrest the four men of Los Porkys who attacked Fernández and start criminal proceedings to charge them and give them their day in court in Mexico. Her petition has 281,664 supporters.

Fernández was a child living in Veracruz. She was raped a year ago. As Morera described the incident, the girl was forced inside a vehicle, where she was alone and held against her will while she was being raped. Fernández said Jorge Cotaita Cabrales, Diego Cruz Alonso, Gerardo Rodríguez Acosta and Enrique Capitaine Marín are the men who raped her. They call themselves Los Porkys.

The four men remain free and no charges have been filed against them. Morera gave her theory:

"They have not even been interrogated, probably because they belong to the economic and political elite of Veracruz," she said.

Morera said this impunity is harmful for the community and is completely unfair to the victims of sexual abuse crimes in Veracruz.

"It involves the children of powerful business men and politicians linked to the current administration and police, who are apparently protected by the Veracruz Governor and the District Attorney," she said.

Morera said the petition demands action be taken immediately in criminal proceedings to bring forth justice in this case. Governor Duarte has said there will be justice, but Morera said the community is vulnerable to lawlessness as more citizens in Veracruz consider taking justice into their own hands, a tradition that has become more common in Mexico in recent years as public corruption and raging drug wars and cartel violence impact the nation of Mexico.

Morera said this complicit behavior displays the corruption among the elite and further cements the distrust between the state and the community in Veracruz. She said there needs to be order and law in the region and perpetrators must be brought to justice. She wants justice for the Fernández family, peace in her community and justice for her country.

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