Russian and Turkish Side Conflict in Struggle Over Syria a 'WWIII' Threat Says Pundits

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Erdogan and Putin

The war raging the Middle East, in the areas of Iraq and Syria, where ISIS has waged Jihad and other rebel groups fight the terrorist groups and themselves plus dictator Bashar al-Assad, there are now more players than ever in the war: France, who has undergone recent tragedies in their urban areas like Paris; Russia who is aligned with Assad; the United States who has been waging a war on terror in the Middle East with help from Europe for several long years now; and other countries around the world with interconnected extremist group threats in parts of Asia, South America and Africa.

A war plane that was allegedly maneuvering through air space targeting ISIS in Syria was blown out of the sky by the Turkish military and now Turkey has blockaded Russia from access to the Black Sea and Mediterranean waters into Turkey and Syria. This is both a trade and military problem for Russia, who has maintained a major trade relationship with the country but whose struggle over these waters dates back to the early 1950s and even before Turkey joined NATO to align with the United States and other western countries.

Putin and Erdogan, Russia's and Turkey's respective leaders, are posturing back and forth more frequently than ever, and the latest provocative move by Turkey has led pundits to suggest the threat is akin to a World War III scenario, according to the Daily Caller. A former NSA operative and now columnist for the Observer made the WWIII reference and said he hoped this was all just a joke.

But it's not a joke. Along with the historical dispute over the Mediterranean access from the days of the Soviet Union (Putin is former KGB), there is international disagreement between Russian leaders aligned with Assad and western leaders in the United States and Europe about the issue of Assad remaining in power. Both Turkey and Russia are dueling with sanctions against one another at the moment.

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