CIA Wants to Renew Efforts for Surveillance After Paris ISIS Attack

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Paris, France courtesy of Skyguy414 at Wikipedia

Terrorism is the new age of the World War. It is like a new type World War, rather a World War III with no real solution or end in sight for any sane person to see. Obama's White House has been carrying out air strikes, alongside allied forces such as France. Islamic militants targeted France in an attack that left around 130 people dead by most reports.

The attacks were reminiscent of 9/11, but France also faced attacks on a popular satirical newspaper in France that left several people dead. The Islamic State, ISIS or ISIL claimed responsibility. Shooters and attackers in the crime detonated suicide vests. Bits and pieces of information have been pouring in since the incident this past weekend.

The NYTimes reports that the American CIA director has "rekindled" efforts to put more emphasis on surveillance. Many officials and other experts do a believe an attack on U.S. soil could be next. ISIS is not a government and are part of a complex network of terrorists. They are also planning attacks on Russia and took responsibility for blowing up an airliner in Egypt.

These groups are tough to track and monitor and are becoming more sophisticated with time. CNN reported that there was little trace of the attackers and most weren't on the government's radar. They weren't on any special watch lists for terrorism. At least one of the attackers fled Syria seeking asylum in Europe and traveled through Turkey and Greece before taking part in the attack in France. The attackers were French speaking according to witnesses where people attending an Eagles of Death Metal concert were met with gunfire and explosions. It was also the night of a popular soccer game at a major stadium. Attackers also hit the downtown Paris night scene at bars and restaurants. Hostages were taken and police moved in to stop the violence but were just met with suicide bombings from the attackers.

Saturday Night Live had a French tribute relayed from the setin NYC as well. The world's eyes are on the situation in France right now. Outlets like Agence France Presse continue to uncover more information, though much is likely limited from the public at this point in their investigations. What is clear is that the French government, including the president, and the people want revenge or at least an aggressive response to the attacks and France pounded ISIS with several bombing campaigns to make good on that wish.

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