Google's Year in Search Report Revaeled

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Google search trends report of 2016

SILICON VALLEY (IFR) — Google is by far the world's leading and most influential search engine company. Bing is getting momentum but it is pretty much understood that Google's trends are the most accurate to draw conclusive data points from due to its massive reach and influence on Internet users globally. The tech giant released its annual Year in Search report to the public.

The report calls out data in top ten lists divided into several categories. The categories in include general search of all categories (Search), Global News, People, Consumer Tech, Global Sporting Events, Losses (people who have died), Movies, Musicians and TV Shows. Those categories produced lists that were at times surprising and yet often predictable. Donald Trump was obviously high on search demand.

Pokemon Go was the most searched term on the Internet, according to Google's report. That somewhat predictable result shows the predominant age of Internet users and a demographic that is heavy into playing games. Though there has been a widened gap in the average of a general video game player, it is widely understood that Pokemon Go is mostly a young, nearly always male-oriented game. That data could be useful to marketers who want to understand what conclusions might be presumed about general search behavior contained in reports like this, giving a snapshot to the entire year. Of course, to get more detailed reports you need time and money, as well as some people to interpret the data and plan around it. See a basic snapshot of one of the categories below:

You can also search by country, rather than just viewing the default global report. The report also includes search engine breakout reports and trend data from Google's wide global user search records. There is a mountain of information contained in these reports. For example, you can view data month by month and get categorical search data to look at. January's top search trends revealed the term "Racoon". Who knows what's behind this data? Researchers can use it to make determinations by digging in a little deeper.

In the breakout trends, you can search with three filters: by month; by max search interest; and by region. In the max search interest, there are tabs to the left to call out by color different types of searches. The year in 2016 reveals some interesting social data, including political interests personified through anti-establishment rhetoric, death of iconic figures in society and several other interesting findings. The video shows these highlights with video reels that show where the news media fits into the puzzle. The (corporate) media currently has an all time low trust rating in the public, same with the established government/officials. The big stories now appear to be Russian "rigging" of elections through cyber espionage and fake news stories like the Pizzagate fiasco in Washington D.C. involving Comet Ping Pong pizzeria.

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