Phonebloks To Revolutionize Mobile Phone and Reduce Waste?

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Phonebloks was a mobile phone concept created by Dave Hakkens to solve the problem of the abundance of waste left behind from worn out electronics that aren't made to last. Hakkens is developing an idea for a phone that is assembled with blocks for each component that can be easily replaced. It can be thought of almost like Lego blocks.
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Why Phonebloks Was Created

Hakkens is Dutch designer who designed this modular mobile phone that is currently in development. His goal is to reduce or eliminate the need for people to replace an entire phone once a part, such as the screen, speaker, case, plugs/jacks, camera, battery, processor or other component, has been damaged. Each module would contain a particular component for the mobile phone housed within a block.

The concept is attractive and has garnered international attention. As Vice Motherboard Blogger Ben Richmond points out, Apple's iPhones are released one after another and don't offer many protections against having to buy another phone if it slips into a cup of water or the screen gets cracked. This all adds up to massive amounts of mobile phone waste that ends up collecting in the environment. There is also a current movement and trend toward environmental awareness in product consumption in modern markets. Energy consumption has been a major issue in political discourse in recent years.

There are critics though. In an interview with the BBC in the United Kingdom, Hakkens told reporters that he is not sure what his next step is yet, considering he has not yet built a working model. According to the Telegraph, he said many people think it is possible and many think it is impossible.

How it Works

Phonebloks is made of detachable blocks that house each important mobile phone component. These blocks are connected to the base, a flat panel that is the same size as the phone, which locks everything together into a solid phone. If a block breaks, then it can be easily replaced, in theory anyway. There is also the Blokstore concept, "like an app store for hardware," according to the Phonebloks official website. This is where bloks can be purchased and users can read reviews and sell old bloks. Bloks send information to eachother through small pin connections to the base.

Will phonebloks see the light of day on product shelves anytime soon? Its supporters hope that it may one day launch into a renewable and customizable mobile phone. Hakkens has succeeded, at least, in reaching his social support goal on Thunderclap, a crowd sharing site. So for now, everyone, including several million Phonebloks social media followers, will just have to wait and see what Hakkens can achieve with many eyes in the tech world watching.

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