MediaFire Launches new Power Upload Feature for iOS 8 Devices

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MediaFire Image, Courtesy MediaFire
MediaFire Image, Courtesy MediaFire

HOUSTON, TX--(November 18, 2014) - MediaFire, a leading provider of consumer online storage solutions, announced the release of MediaFire for iOS 8, their latest cloud storage application for iPhone and iPad.

The company made the download available November 18 for free on iTunes. MediaFire for iOS 8 includes several features that are new and that make it easier to access and share files flexibly in a mobile world. It targets users on the go with features that include new photo and video playback options. Something called “Power Upload” mode makes way for faster data syncing, according to MediaFire, in a recent press release. A new interface takes full advantage of the new iPhone Plus screen size as well.

MediaFire for iOS 8
The company says that upload speeds are double and that Power Upload may be toggled on and off to conveniently and more efficiently upload photos and videos from iPhones or iPads.

MediaFire can be used to protect and share mobile mobile media content. The files are securely stored in the cloud. They can then be synced and accessed on a desktop using MediaFire Desktop or on a web interface. It is available in both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems and is free.

“Everyday, over a Million iOS users choose MediaFire to access, share, and safeguard the files that matter most to them,” said Derek Labian, president and CEO of MediaFire. "Whether you are looking to simply share a file, or to back up and access all of your media from the cloud, MediaFire is the simplest and most affordable cloud storage service on the market today.”

The rates start at $2.50 per month, or $25 per year for a terabyte of storage. Users can get paid accounts, but MediaFire continues to offer as much as 50 GB of storage at no cost. The service also allows users to stream music and video collections anywhere and anytime. They can also share documents and media right from their mobile device, now including the newest iPhones. That includes sharing through email, sms, or a chat app.

The software is useful to developers as well. MediaFire’s mobile SDK for iOS has also been updated. MediaFire has provided support for iOS 8, giving developers an easy way to merge cloud syncing and storage into apps. For a full list of resources and tutorials, visit

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