New FTTH Council Study Examines GDP for Gigabit Communities

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Sept 18- This morning, the FTTH Council released a new study on such economic impacts, focusing on how Gigabit broadband is driving GDP for deployed communities. According to the report, it’s suggested that “communities where Gigabit broadband was widely available enjoyed higher GDP...” The report continues on by diving into the importance that broadband plays in the overall economic growth and job creation.

The findings of the report, including the idea that next generation broadband is likely to have a substantial impact on the economic output, and consequently, consumer welfare validates the Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives initiative put on by ADTRAN. The campaign is aimed at highlighting how Gigabit services are being used to support growth, urban redevelopment and many more in local communities. Throughout the past months ADTRAN has recognized these innovative Gigabit communities, including Rock Hill, SC (Comporium); Home, KS (Blue Valley Tele-Communications); Pelican Bay, FL (Spectrum Engineering); La Grande, OR (Northwest Telecommunications Association); Canby, Oregon (Canby Telcom); and Ridgeland, MS (C Spire).

Regarding the communities surveyed by the FTTH Council, monetary findings regarding Gigabit communities vs. non Gigabit communities include:

· 1.1% increase in GDP communities with widely available Gigabit broadband

· The 14 communities surveyed received, on average, $1.4 billion in additional GDP when Gigabit services are available

· The 41 communities in the study that didn’t have access to Gigabit services suggest a foregone GDP in 2012 of as much as $3.3 billion

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