Coping with the Wearable Tech Revolution in the Enterprise

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FrontRange Press Release- The future of wearable technology is so bright we’ll soon all be wearing Google sunglasses or the Apple Watch. Indeed, Juniper Research expects worldwide spending on wearable devices to jump from $1.4 billion this year to $19 billion by 2018. ABI Research claims that sales of wearable computing devices will exceed 485 million shipments worldwide by 2018. “Wearable technology such as smart glasses and those used for healthcare are better suited for the enterprise as corporate-liable devices. Smartwatches, on the other hand, will most likely follow the trend of BYOD into the enterprise,” according to Jason McNicol, senior enterprise analyst for ABI Research.

The obvious question IT service managers are asking is, “How are we going to manage this proliferation of new devices as they populate the enterprise?” Coping with “gadget sprawl” is an emerging IT challenge and forward-thinking organizations are already bracing for its impact.

The growing popularity of wearable tech creates an increasingly heterogeneous array of mobile devices, virtually all of which will inevitably be used for business purposes within the confines of the enterprise. But as wearable tech devices become another business tool, enterprise mobility management platforms will be put to the test. All of these devices (Including laptops, wearables and smartphones), now called "endpoints" will create a snowball effect in the enterprise, and can quickly become an IT nightmare if not management correctly.

Despite this snowballing trend, a current EMA survey has determined that only 15 percent of enterprises are fully prepared to meet increasingly demanding mobility management and wearable tech requirements, while citing Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions (being able to manage all devices under one unified solution) as the next major trend in IT Service Management.

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