Food You'll Relish: Official Lauch of, Go-to for Food Advice

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MINNEAPOLIS (IFR) — FoodNiche has officially launched its flagship social media platform that connects consumers to food and nutrition experts as well as brands and restaurants offering deals or other promotions on the site,

According to a press release distributed by Lawson Media & Publishing (LMP), a company based in Minnesota, is the emerging go-to source for all things food and has been previously called the LinkedIn for food. What does that mean exactly? Once you arrive on the site's homepage, you are confronted with a navigation splash page that asks you what your main interest is in using the platform. From here, you can choose to connect to friends or other users to get recipe ideas, with nutrition experts for healthy eating and lifestyle advice or with brands/restaurants for promotions or coupons.

The site launched its beta version in 2016 as invitation only but now offerings to full featured social network to all users. The site continues to grow, according to information contained within the press release. The company says it will take the pain out of finding a decent meal plan by enabling users to tap the community for advice and tips. The site's tagline is "food you'll relish." The company said its mission is to make good quality food more affordable for the masses by connecting them to these experts and enthusiasts in the food space online with as the premier platform to do so.

The platform will become a lucrative option for businesses in the food industry as well. FoodNiche provided some case study type testimonials in the press release, noting the success with early adopters of the platform in a variety of interest categories within the food niche. The company says the value and convenience is spreading the platform's popularity among its existing and growing user base.

“Being able to connect with different food interest groups and find all updates in my feed is completely priceless," Chef Luisa Schetinger said. "Instead of searching different websites for content, I can now have all my food recommendations in one place, saving time especially on busy nights.”

Other users like to save money, like Tammie V., who was also cited in the release:

“I absolutely love connecting with people here! Finding recipes from people I know along with coupons for grocery shopping will be an answered prayer for me, as I am always looking for ways to save on groceries.” Tammie V. said. “ I look forward to the full roll out of all the features on”

Foodniche users can customize their experience. Streamlined content is delivered by various food communities on the platform. Preferences help tailor the feed based on interest. The platform is meant to cater to a variety of needs and wants from its user base, but still targeting the niche of food, hence its clever name and brand.

Other users of the site, including some cited in the press release, include nutrition experts that give helpful tips to the community.

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