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Photo Caption: Tom Mastrobuoni (left), Tyson New Ventures; and Sue Shapses (right), Rutgers University Nutrition Department and the Director of the New Jersey Obesity Group.

Foodniche Inc. has announced the Food, Health and Technology Summit will run from 1-5 p.m. at Rutgers University New Brunswick in New Brunswick, NJ 08901. It is an event taking place October 27 that is focused on putting nourishing food on the table in American households, which will feature several panelists and keynote speakers in the food and health industries as well as food, health technology product exhibitions from vendors. The event was organized by Foodniche Inc.

Among the keynote speakers at the event are Tom Mastrobuoni, Chief Financial Officer of Tyson New Ventures; and Sue Shapses, Professor at the Rutgers Nutrition Department and the Director of the New Jersey Obesity Group. Mastrobuoni will discuss how Tyson’s capital fund, Tyson New Ventures, LLC, looks for investment in companies that are working on breakthrough technologies, business models and products to sustainably feed a global population that is set to reach 9 billion people. Tyson will invest $150 million in the fund. Shapses will discuss how obesity is impacting Americans and what can be done about it through these new innovations in the food, technology and health industries. According to, an NJTV broadcast interview with Peggy Policastro and Sue Shapses of the Rutgers New Jersey Obesity Group, one quarter of all New Jersey residents are facing obesity. They detailed a new report, called The State of Obesity issued by the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. That report shows a slight improvement in national obesity rates, but overall they continue to rise. This is why obesity has been referred to as a health epidemic.

To help combat these issues, the Food, Health and Technology Summit will bring together many different types of professionals from from food, health, industry and education. They will gather under one roof at Rutgers to discuss trends and solutions to nutritional eating habits in the United States and worldwide. The event has been organized by Foodniche Inc., which owns and operates the website, a social web portal for food and health information sharing and networking.

Educators, industry professionals and other experts in food and nutrition will come together to showcase a variety of food and “FoodTech” (food technology) products that are shaping the world in various ways today.

Discussions about efforts to stave off obesity and similar health issues will be a key focus of the event and innovators in the space will have a chance to showcase how their products or services will contribute to nutrition, health, sustainability, etc. There will be a variety of exhibitions available at the Food, Health and Technology Summit that showcase food and beverage products and innovative technology products, according to FoodNiche Inc.

This industry and educational event is divided into three sections to give guests a unique opportunity to learn and explore new opportunities in the food, health and education fields. One section is the exhibition of food, technology and products/services from vendors, suppliers and others registered at the event, mentioned above.

Another section of the FoodNiche event is comprised of a panel discussion. Entrepreneurs, industry experts, innovators and educators are featured in the panel, including Victor Penev, MBA and CEO at Edaman; Jennifer Goggin, Director of Retail for Crave Food Systems; Dr Virginia Quick, Interim Director of the Didactic Program in Dietetics at Rutgers University; and Cindy Kasindorf, CEO of Remedy Organics. The panel discussion will focus how food and food technology products can address the nutrition concerns of the world today through innovation and on what future trends may be in nutrition and health for humans.

The section of the event dedicated to guest speakers scheduled for the event include discussion points that will help Americans live healthier lives, according to the event organizers. Mastrobuoni will introduce guests to Tyson’s New Venture program and how it plans to do that through investment targeted in tasty alternative proteins (to deal with an increased demand for meat that is resource heavy in the current ag/water model), profitable business models that deal with food insecurity or loss and so-called “Internet of Food” (IoF, a concept akin to IoT, or ‘Internet of Things’) that can take advantage of new technologies like big data, drones, robotics or information platforms. Shapses’ talk will be from an educator and researcher perspective in the health and wellness arena. She will talk about how obesity is impacting real people and the types of resources and technologies that are needed to curb negative health trends. She will share what she has learned in her three decades of work in this field.

FoodNiche Inc. is also inviting companies to showcase their food and beverage or food-technology products. The link to apply is at For more information about the event, visit : Fore more information about, please visit

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