Russians Likely Hacked DNC in USA to Tap Trump Research

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IFR (Washington D.C.)—The Democratic National Committee's computer servers were reportedly hacked, it was reported on air today on Minnesota Public Radio (MPR). Experts say it was a Russian source that infiltrated the machines, possibly to gather information about Republican Donald Trump, who is running for president and has said controversial things about other countries during his political campaign.

Dmitri Alperovitch told PBS on NewsHour that they are likely looking at these files because the DNC has a mountain of data on rivals. He said the political parties these days are mainly research organizations to help candidates win, so they are permanently charged with researching this kind of information, making them the perfect target for a cyber attack from spies abroad.

Sasha Issenberg also mimicked this sentiment and said the parties are largely "hubs of information". He also appeared on PBS NewsHour.

DNC officials told the Washington Post that chats and emails were accessed during the breach. Wired published an article positing that the hack was about more than Trump's secrets. A group called CrowdStrike helped the government discover the details of the hack. The Wired article detailed the specific strategies and techniques used by these hackers, who seemed to operate separately and who were consistent with the usual Russian strategies and techniques. This is why it has been linked to Moscow. The group is also believed to be responsible for hacking other political individuals and groups like Hilary Clinton and her campaign as well as other Republicans political action committees (PACs).

These cyber espionage artists have been caught but they will likely be back, experts say. Their goals are likely to be more long-term, so the Trump details are just one small piece of the pie here. It is likely that this is a continuous ongoing effort to collect vast amounts of data about political events, issues, strategies and people. hacker

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