The Media Wars Between the United States and Russia

American Media Accuses Russians of Election Tampering and Fake News, Also Target RT and Other Russian Networks.

There appears to be a clash between the two classic Cold War rivals with a new element of technology gone global: the American corporate media are the targets of the Russians and visa versa. The propaganda efforts on both sides are sharp but subversive, even subconscious on the part of the journalists working for each side.

Los Porkys Group Part of Political Elite in Mexico Who Can Rape with Impunity

Veracruz, Mexico Governor Javier Duarte

The story of a girl raped by a group of young men in Veracruz, Mexico and the perpetrators who admitted to it has caused outrage because no action has been taken by officials. Many say this is because the Los Porkys group, as they are locally called, are part of the elite social fabric of the region.

Russians Likely Hacked DNC in USA to Tap Trump Research


Are the Russians wary of Donald Trump as a potential threat if he wins the nomination for U.S. president by the Republican Party (GOP)? They may have hacked the DNC to find out.

The War Industry Expands Worldwide, But the US is Still Leading the Pack

world cultural influence map
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The US has been listed as the most likely country to provoke a third world war on planet earth, but several other countries are also likely provocateurs in the global struggle for peace, freedom and stability.

Iran-Saudi Arabia Conflict Newest in Geopolitical Chaos Across the World

Struggle in Middle East

Photo: The portrait of Nimr Baqr al-Nimr an independent Shia cleric in al-Awamiyah, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia by Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

Russian and Turkish Side Conflict in Struggle Over Syria a 'WWIII' Threat Says Pundits

Erdogan and Putin

The war raging the Middle East, in the areas of Iraq and Syria, where ISIS has waged Jihad and other rebel groups fight the terrorist groups and themselves plus dictator Bashar al-Assad, there are now more players than ever in the war: France, who has undergone recent tragedies in their urban areas like Paris; Russia who is aligned with Assad; the United States who has been waging a war on terror in the Middle East with help from Europe for several long years now; and other countries around the world with interconnected extremist group threats in parts of Asia, South America and Africa.

CIA Wants to Renew Efforts for Surveillance After Paris ISIS Attack

Paris, France courtesy of Skyguy414 at Wikipedia

Terrorism is the new age of the World War. It is like a new type World War, rather a World War III with no real solution or end in sight for any sane person to see. Obama's White House has been carrying out air strikes, alongside allied forces such as France. Islamic militants targeted France in an attack that left around 130 people dead by most reports.

U.S. Tells Russia to Take Hike - Right Out of Ukraine Now!

President Vladimir Putin ordered troops from Russia to be stationed in Crimea in case of violence and the U.S. President Barack Obama said it was a violation of Ukraine sovereignty.
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More Unrest and Violence in Egypt After Soccer Game and 21 Death Sentences

Egyptian Courts recently ruled for the death sentences of 21 individuals allegedly tied to riots that left around 74 dead after a soccer match in Port Said, according to BBC News. Clashes left around 22 more dead and there were attempted prison breaks and a police officer may have been shot dead, the BBC reported Saturday morning.

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