FoodNiche Sponsors Food, Health, Technology Summit

Photo Caption: Tom Mastrobuoni (left), Tyson New Ventures; and Sue Shapses (right), Rutgers University Nutrition Department and the Director of the New Jersey Obesity Group.

Foodniche Inc, The organizers of the Food, Health and Technology Summit, announced that industry executive,Tom Mastrobuoni, will be speaking at the event. Mastrobuoni is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Tyson New Ventures, a capital fund that is setup to fund sustainable and profitable food and technology business models.

Man in Wheelchair Shot Dead by Police in Delaware

A Wilmington, Delaware man, 28-year-old Jeremy McDole, was shot to death by police. According to AOL/Newsy, police in Wilmington responded to a 911 call that reported a man shot himself and was armed with a handgun. Police claim that a gun was found next to his body after they shot him. Police say they fired shots at McDole when he refused to put his hands up and reached into his waist to remove the firearm. His mother said he was unarmed and there is video footage of the incident, like many police involved shootings, on YouTube.

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