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Food You'll Relish: Official Lauch of FoodNiche.me, Go-to for Food Advice


FoodNiche has officially launched at foodniche.me. The site connects users based on food interests and connects brands, nutritionists and other experts to consumers.

How to ID a Lyft or Uber Driver

Rideshare identification

Uber and Lyft are becoming popular rideshare apps that rival other transportation companies like transit or taxi. So should they start using traditional marketing concepts to better advertise their services?

New in Tech: Remote Pet Ball Fun and Living Off Grid with Solar Box Gadget

Kodiak Generator and Predator Solar Panels

IFR takes a brief look at a couple new devices being crowdfunded in Indiegogo this week to see what is performing well: a small ball you can use remotely from your mobile device to interact with your pet and a portable solar power system.

Wearable Tech Moves Into Medical Device Territory

wearable tech in healthcare could prevent this one day

This week, crowdfunding site Indiegogo released news of "the world's first pain relief" wearable, positioning wearable tech to become a major player in the medical device category, new territory for the new tech phenomenon of wearable technology.
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Contentful is releasing SDKs for iOS next week to make managing mobile content far simpler and much faster

Adam Wiggins is working with Contentful in Berlin Germany and this is the first release since he has been working with them for some months now.

Developers can now plug Contentful into their mobile app and within a few hours editors can start publishing content directly on the app. Contentful's modular approach to content completely separates content from the presentation layer -- content is managed once and is updated across any platform or device.

Mobile web usage now accounts for 25% of total web usage, up from just 14% just last year.

3D Printing, Scanning and Milling in One Fabricating Machine

What it does

The FABtotum Persoan Fabricator is a machine that may shake things up in the market more than any other. It combines 3-D printing, 3-D scanning and milling. It has raised more than a half-million dollars with a crowdfunding campaign to raise just $50,000. The machine has raised a lot of buzz in the tech world, raising the ante in the 3D printer market.
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