Wearable Tech Moves Into Medical Device Territory

wearable tech in healthcare could prevent this one day

This week, crowdfunding site Indiegogo released news of "the world's first pain relief" wearable, positioning wearable tech to become a major player in the medical device category, new territory for the new tech phenomenon of wearable technology.
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3D Printing, Scanning and Milling in One Fabricating Machine

What it does

The FABtotum Persoan Fabricator is a machine that may shake things up in the market more than any other. It combines 3-D printing, 3-D scanning and milling. It has raised more than a half-million dollars with a crowdfunding campaign to raise just $50,000. The machine has raised a lot of buzz in the tech world, raising the ante in the 3D printer market.
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Mailpile Team Wants To "Take Back Email"

Software Developers in Iceland are developing a free encrypted open source email service to compete with large email providers.
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