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To syndicate content from Lawson Media and Publishing; from the website Independent Forum Review (IFR); at web address; you will need a content usage license.

For single units of content (includes single text story, audio clip, combination of audio/text, video clip, photo or digital image file) a Usage License allows you, the user, the right to use the website content one time, but you, the user, will not own the content. Other users may have already purchased the content for usage rights or may buy the content after you, the user. In addition, Lawson Media and Publishing retains rights to syndicate the article to other users. You may not change the content in any way: You must keep the content in its original form without adding or deleting words to text; effects, enhancements or additions to images/photos/videos/other multimedia); you must give credit to the author (IFR contributor) by including their byline/credits (if provided) or user name and always include Independent Forum Review within the byline or somewhere clearly attributed before the beginning part of the main unit of content. Think of this Usage license as a rent payment for using the content as it is one time only.

For Semi-Exclusive Syndication Subscription Content, you, the user, will have permission to use any content from this website and modify the content for your own purposes after you, the user, have subscribed to the Syndication Subscription service on this website. You, the user, must attribute the content to both Independent Forum Review and the original author in some way in your usage of each unit of content. You, the user, may not use content from this website during any point in which you have not paid for Syndication Subscription or paid for a content Usage License.

By reading these terms and clicking Buy, Buy Now, Subscribe, Add To Cart or other Independent Forum Review or PayPal buttons located on this website used for syndicating, purchasing or selling content, you, the user, agree to this statement of rights in the Terms of Service for Syndication User Agreement.

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