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FoodNiche Sponsors Food, Health, Technology Summit

Photo Caption: Tom Mastrobuoni (left), Tyson New Ventures; and Sue Shapses (right), Rutgers University Nutrition Department and the Director of the New Jersey Obesity Group.

Foodniche Inc, The organizers of the Food, Health and Technology Summit, announced that industry executive,Tom Mastrobuoni, will be speaking at the event. Mastrobuoni is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Tyson New Ventures, a capital fund that is setup to fund sustainable and profitable food and technology business models.

Food You'll Relish: Official Lauch of, Go-to for Food Advice

FoodNiche has officially launched at The site connects users based on food interests and connects brands, nutritionists and other experts to consumers.

How to ID a Lyft or Uber Driver

Rideshare identification

Uber and Lyft are becoming popular rideshare apps that rival other transportation companies like transit or taxi. So should they start using traditional marketing concepts to better advertise their services?

Google's Year in Search Report Revaeled

Google search trends report of 2016

Google's 2016 Year in Search Report has been revealed to the public, showing Internet search trends.

New in Tech: Remote Pet Ball Fun and Living Off Grid with Solar Box Gadget

Kodiak Generator and Predator Solar Panels

IFR takes a brief look at a couple new devices being crowdfunded in Indiegogo this week to see what is performing well: a small ball you can use remotely from your mobile device to interact with your pet and a portable solar power system.



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