Ronda Rousey Knocked Out in Anticipated UFC Fight

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ronda rousey
LAS VEGAS, NV (IFR) — It was a long awaited female bout between two powerhouses of the mixed martial arts sport, taking their skill and determination to be champion into the cage with them. It was an upset though. 48 seconds into the first round at UFC 207. Ronda Rousey gets knocked out by Amanda Nunes.

This is the second loss, again by a striker, according to Yahoo! Sports, who had the story up just past midnight this morning. Rousey is a former bantamweight. She was completely overwhelmed by the force of Nunes, who didn't even need one minute in the ring with Rousey to bask in glory after a precision strike and knockout at T-Mobile Arena in Nevada.

Nunes' right-handed punch landed clean early in the fight. It stunned Rousey. This fight was the first since her prior defeat by Holly Holm last November. Rousey's punches meant nothing to Nunes, who battered Rousey with combinations that hit nearly every shot. Nunes was obviously excited about the win. She landed 23 of 35 of the punches in the round. All were very powerful and overwhelmed Rousey with force.

Nunes said her coach, Edmond Tarverdyan led her to think she was a boxer, rather than her obvious skilled position with Judo. Nunes said she didn't understand why he "put that in her head", according to reports. Many reports detail a possible downturn in Rousey's fighting career after this. She made millions from the fight nonetheless, but it is hard for many to imagine that she can come back from this.

Rousey hasn't said much and it is still unclear what her potential future in MMA might be. Rousey's armbar submissions were what propelled her to fame, being an excellent judo fighter and grappler with ground game. She was a star in her own right in the sport. She may retire soon, as she assesses her damage.

ESPN also blogged that her future may be in doubt. They also detailed the heat her coach took for facilitating the fight and the outcome. Arash Markazi, ESPN Senior Writer, even called it a "sad end" for the star fighter who couldn't respond to so many right hand fists. He said she transformed from a champion to a "sore loser".

Rousey will not get to retire undefeated as she dreamed of doing. The Australia fight ended that dream. Now, after her return, what more can she work toward? It might be time to end a great career and cut her losses.

USA Today also reported on the heat the coach is taking and said it may be used as an example for how not to coach an MMA athlete for an octagon match.

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