Hilary Clinton Facebook Ad Drew More Angry Faces than Likes or Loves

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Hillary Clinton Facebook Ad
Hillary Clinton Ad Comment Section

"I'm with her." "Add Your Name." "Add your name today to let Hillary know you’re with her." "Say You're with Hillary! Add your name today."

Direct, certainly, but not in the spirit of change, hope, rights or justice as her competitor in the Democratic race for United States President. These were the words in their entirety on the ad, literally, with a photo of the Secretary of State posed in a poised professional look, just the type of thing that people are upset with: the establishment.

If the Facebook ad is a true indication of her popularity, at least among those targeted in the ad (many could be targeted at Bernie supporters), then she might be in some trouble. There were more angry emoticons than likes or loves on the ad as of Friday, April 8, 7:30 p.m. CST: approximately 51K angry faces, 48K likes (thumbs up) and just over 1,200 loves (hearts).

Hillary's campaign may be trying to reach many young people, an area where Bernie has taken huge strides since he began his campaign.

Clinton's record has been put to issue many times in the media and especially the online media. This has caused Clinton to become reactionary. Expect more ads from Clinton, though it is doubtful they will be effective if they continue to lack any kind of real message, as was the case with this particular sponsored post on Facebook.

Take a look at the comment thread.

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