Sanders Campaign More Successfully Winning Voters Than Delegates But Will Still Likely Win

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Photo:Wikimedia Commons Images. Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent, Vermont.

Independent Forum Review (IFR) - IFR officially predicts the U.S. presidency to swing in favor of Bernie Sanders for the Democatic ticket against either Donal Trump or Ted Cruz. Based on analysis of the campaigns, IFR has determined that it will be most likely to come down to Sanders against Trump in the election for United States President.
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The Hilary Clinton campaign is visibly shaken at its core despite an effort by most of the establishment within the media and corporate and political circles. IFR calls the phenomenon that has taken place between the country in its rejection of mainstream politics, with their ties to Super PACs and corruption, that has created this race between Trump and Sanders ideologists the "Year of the Voter".

If you plot the grassroots success of the Sanders campaign, notably one that has rejected lobbyist money, it can easily be understood in terms of trend data. The trending data so far in this election has been an explosive and consistent increase in Sanders' popularity over all other candidates in the race. In terms of the popular vote, Sanders has basically already won the campaign and his focus needs to stay laser guided on gathering more political delegates, where he trails behind Clinton. He has won the last 7 of 8 contests and started out with single digit support in the polls when he began. No other candidate has had this type of success in grassroots politics probably ever, not even Ron Paul, who also surprised folks with his support from the young of the nation.

Sanders is slowly earning his trust among minority voters thanks to dedicated support from people like Killer Mike, Sara Silverman, a recent crowd of diverse supporters in the Bronx in NYC and other supporters across the nation. Sanders is also running the best campaign digitally and benefits from the technology age and Millennials who are all able to get access to information and filter the facts faster than ever before. Sanders' history will serve him well in that domain as well.

The trick, at this point, is for Sanders to take the grassroots momentum he has with voters and compel them to apply more political pressure in their districts and statehouses so he can continue to gain more delegates and grab the nomination on the Democrat side. Whatever Republican challenger he faces will be defeated. The Republican party is crippled by serious diversions in philosophy and support across the nation. They have an identity problem that is quickly helping to dissolve its existence. Many have noted this change over a period of several decades and Trump's rise to success and the party's adamant opposition to his nomination, though his philosophy is nearly identical but he carries a different tone than the others.

The Sanders momentum is part of a growing shift in power in society as well, in terms of politics. The voters are now the Generation X and MIllennials that will be dealing with the retirement and rising costs of services for Baby Boomers, whom have held the most political power in U.S. society. Minorities are also not minorities anymore. The country is becoming browner.

If the Sanders trend continues to "Bern" the way it has been, the party will have no choice but to feel it. Lobbyists will continue to try to apply their own brand of pressure and continue to funnel money into the political system in an effort to stop Sanders from preventing them from doing exactly that with new laws aimed at stemming corruption. Also, the Panama Papers leak will also help his campaign and will further disrupt the power structure globally as well as in the U.S. These revelations, which contain 1,000 more times data than the Snowden WikiLeaks dump, will create a similar situation that will pressure lawmakers to act.

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