Nun and Others Get Prison Sentences for Nuclear Facility Activism

Farm Bill News from Slanted Mag

Sabres Best Sharks by Two

The Sabres defeated the Sharks in NHL hockey by two points. The final score was 4-2.

Designing A Knockout Graphic Design Portfolio

You may be heading out into the world of professional design or are a legacy designer trying to reinvent your design portfolio. Either way, finding work can be a job unto itself. You are essentially marketing yourself like a business would market its own products and services. You need a good portfolio. and the steps to creating a great portfolio will depend upon your experience, your skills, and your presentation of both. Use the following as a guide for doing so.
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Creative professionals and national organizations that represent them

Creative professionals are often hard pressed to find work doing projects, temporary assignments and permanent jobs that pay the bills. They are also hard pressed to find help with training, networking and other important tasks that will help them attain their professional goals. Therefore, it pays to be involved with an organization that has a wide spectrum of resources available to their members. Membership often requires membership dues and does not guarantee success, but they can help you get your foot in the door.

How Google Chromecast and Other Convergence Models Will Benefit Video Content Publishers

Google is changing a lot in the world and commanding more influence as a result. They are investing in Calico, a health care initiative; toying with artificial intelligence (AI); and even in the area of transportation they are making strides with self-driven cars. Google made a smart choice to sink its claws into YouTube, one of the most popular websites in the world that hosts an unimaginable amount of video, everything from "Two Girls One Cup" to "Epic Meal Time".

6 Online Gadgets that Change Everything

A slew of new and upcoming online gadgets include tools and websites with significant potential to affect how people complete everyday tasks such as paying for goods, investing money, using email, sharing and collaborating on projects and viewing Web content.
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3D Printing, Scanning and Milling in One Fabricating Machine

What it does

The FABtotum Persoan Fabricator is a machine that may shake things up in the market more than any other. It combines 3-D printing, 3-D scanning and milling. It has raised more than a half-million dollars with a crowdfunding campaign to raise just $50,000. The machine has raised a lot of buzz in the tech world, raising the ante in the 3D printer market.
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Using Your Power PC (PPC) Mac in an Intel World

Are you a Mac OSX user that is still using an outdated, but admirably well functioning, Power PC (PPC) G4 or G5 desktop or laptop computer, even as it is becoming a relic that will one day be a corpse in computer wasteland? These machines are being left in the Intel dust storm left behind from when Apple switched from IBM processors to Intel. Now Mac PPCs are quickly winding up in storage units, E-bay and pawn shops. Hell, maybe that's where you got the one you're using!

Phonebloks To Revolutionize Mobile Phone and Reduce Waste?


Phonebloks was a mobile phone concept created by Dave Hakkens to solve the problem of the abundance of waste left behind from worn out electronics that aren't made to last. Hakkens is developing an idea for a phone that is assembled with blocks for each component that can be easily replaced. It can be thought of almost like Lego blocks.
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