Most Michigan Residents Supports Gay Marriage Says MSU Study

Racecar Driver Shows Football Quarterback Around Auto Garage

Syracuse Defeated by Virginia in College Hoops

Yankee Double Dandee Derek Jeter

Video Game Music Goes Live in Texas

Interestingly enough, the Dallas Observer reported that a few prominent video game musicians will invade Texas to play the chiptuning style of music. One of the artists is the first to be licensed by a game company. See more here.

Business Resources

Business Resources will be the page that is used to give independent business leaders the useful information they need to succeed in the global, national, regional and local markets. Keep checking back for updates to the Business Resources page.

Chemical Spill a Familiar Problem in West Virginia

The AP and ABC News reported that thousands of West Virginians have lived without clean water from the tap for months, maybe years because a local water plant shuttered its doors. More here.

U.S. Tells Russia to Take Hike - Right Out of Ukraine Now!

President Vladimir Putin ordered troops from Russia to be stationed in Crimea in case of violence and the U.S. President Barack Obama said it was a violation of Ukraine sovereignty.
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