More PS3s sold than XBox 360s?

According to Digital Trends, PS3 video game consoles have outsold XBox 360s in global sales.

ECA Says Violent Video Games Not Culprit in Behavior

The Entertainment Consumers Association, an advocacy group for entertainment consumers, recently launched a release claiming that they have facts to back up the position that violence is not caused by video games.

"Video games are back in the spotlight for all of the wrong reasons. With recent tragedies on everyone’s minds, some people are looking for a cause and culprit other than the shooter. Media, including video games, are instead being blamed." - ECA

Congress Approves More Wiretaps Without Warrants

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an activist group that fights for civil rights, privacy and free Internet speech, Congress has approved more wiretapping on private citizens.

Al Jazeera Pro Morsi Network?

The Fiscal Shaft

By Rob Lawson, IFR Publisher


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