Edward Snowden Update

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Edward Snowden is facing serious repercussions from his actions of leaking so-called state secrets (the fact that he had the ability to spy on any American at any time) from the United States government. However, it is not clear yet what those repercussions will be and Snowden recently released a public statement on WikiLeaks, saying that he does not regret the actions and in Nuremburg fashion, believes that he did the right thing by betraing U.S. government interests in the interests of the general public. He is possibly seeking asylum in Venezuela, but is in Russia right now. Putin, allegedly, is urging Snowden to stop leaking any other information. The Snowden debacle highlights the movement of young rebels trying to use democratic media, such as leak sites, to get their message out to the public about particular government issues. It also caused serious debate and scrutiny of the controversial National Security Administration, the agency that can allegedly collect information about you without you knowing about it.

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