Today Marks the New Record High Body Count in American Mass Shootings

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The Las Vegas shooter was staying at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Photo by Sascha Brück.

Photo: The Las Vegas shooter was staying at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Photo by Sascha Brück.
LAS VEGAS - Today marks the new record high body count in American mass shootings. A gunman in the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas reigned fully automatic machine gun fire into a mass crowd gathered to enjoy a country music concert. He killed nearly 60 people and injured more than 500 people. This report includes information reported from CBS News, New York Times, Washington Post and Google News, including live streaming video from CBS News.

The Las Vegas shooter was staying at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Photo by Sascha Brück.
Initially, the gun count was 16 at the hotel room according to CBS, and later the figure was reported at 23 by the Washington Post. ABC reported the figure to be 42. Much of the discussion of the day revolved around gun control and gun laws in the U.S. The shooter, Stephen Paddock, was a contractor for Lockheed Martin, a frequent gambler and real estate businessman who made millions of dollars. The police did not have a clear motive and ISIS claimed responsibility though the FBI said there is little proof of that. There was evidence of the chemical that was used to make bombs like the one used in the Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy McVeigh found in Paddock's vehicle, according to reports.

Democrats and Republicans spar over the issue of what to do about gun laws. Trump's pro gun policies and NRA support remains consistent.

Critics of the NRA and many right wing and Republican politics around gun control is that high powered fully automatic and "weapons of war" as Democratic CT Senator Richard Blumenthal calls them need to be regulated more, if not take their wholesale distribution business out altogether. Blumenthal wants to renew the federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB), though gun enthusiasts say data shows crime did not decrease under the AWB.

The gun used in the Las Vegas shooting was already considered illegal under current gun laws and regulations in the United States. Paddock had been staying at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas since September 28, CBS reported. The Washington Post provided a fact check about the shooting and about the guns the shooter had. President Trump rolled back Obama era regulations on gun legislation.

CNN displayed portraits of victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting. The Review Journal, Sin City's local paper, reported that concert security protocols will no doubt be called into question and updated as a result of this historic U.S. gun massacre of innocent people.

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