Another Vague Report of Alleged Planned Terrorism

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CBS News released another story about an alleged terror plot that was foiled by the FBI, this time in the small Minnesota community of Montevideo. As with other major media outlets, not much was released as to how law enforcement or the FBI was led to making the arrest and getting the warrant to raid the suspected man's mobile home, where firearms and Molotov cocktails were allegedly found.

Typically, news reports from the major conglomerate media seem to indicate who was arrested on suspicion of what act or planned act of terrorism had taken place (or in this case, not yet taken place), but fail to provide the audience with any type of clue as to how this information was gathered.

An activist news site that leans toward libertarianism called We Know The Secrets of The Federal Reserve also reported a story and provided a clip from CNN itself of a former FBI agent implying that phone conversations can be retrieved to collect information.

"We can certainly find out what the details of those conversations were during a national security investigation," the former agent said.

There is a whole lot of information that is likely withheld from the average news consumer, both on the part of major news organizations that are held by corporations with political interests of their own and the authorities whom are the actual gatekeepers of information. They are able to leverage reporters' access privileges in exchange for propagandizing the information that news consumers consume.

It was uncovered some time ago that even the top executive at Time-Warner served as an agent of national propaganda for the feds. Don't forget the phone hacking scandal that Rupert Murdoch's paper in the U.K. had been involved with.

With the heightened sense of national security concerns in our smaller world, governments are attempting to coerce the public as much as they can through information monitoring and economic controls. More and more news stories are being produced about alleged plots of terror. And more and more are domestic.

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