Food App Launches in 2016 to Bridge Gap in Digital Health and Dining Info

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A new food application that is currently in BETA mode will fully launch this spring, according to reports from the Mankato Gazette and others.

The app could capitalize on a $500 billion food market with consumers, brands, experts and small/large businesses globally, who can now use the service to connect and engage in ways never before possible.

The site has been compared to LinkedIn or online dating, but for food. Foodies, health-minded consumers, chefs, restaurants/brands, grocers, nutritionists and others can connect through the site and engage in discussions about food. Experts can help consumers with tips and helpful information about dining and health.

The users of this site will be able to more efficiently retrieve food related data, a previously cumbersome experience involving Google searches with massive and overwhelming amounts of information to sift through. FoodNiche is an attempt at filtering all of this data and personalizing it, a common trend in innovative new technologies such as websites and applications in the modern world.

The founder of the application, in fact, came up with the idea for FoodNiche while trying to locate quality information about her father's special dietary needs. She teamed up with other programmers and engineers to develop the service.

The service is an opportunity for companies and brands to more directly engage with these consumers and offer their advice in addition to targeted promotions aimed at specific customers in the network. Users can create an account now at the site to become familiar with the service prior to the official launch this year.

Peer sourced information is quickly becoming a key trend in computer technology and other services as the personalization movement continues to roll forward in the sharing economy. FoodNiche will be a force in this movement for the food space in particular.

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