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Thank you for choosing IFR as your independent source of news, entertainment and information! By making a contribution to a site contributor, you are supporting journalism in the public interest. You will play an important role in your community by having direct involvement in contributions that matter to you and the community. You can choose to contribute anonymously or provide your name and photo for inclusion in the story as a fundraiser for the contributor. The contributor you choose to fund will contact you directly and you will have an opportunity to discuss what type of content you would like produced. You can choose anything from investigative reports on issues affecting your neighborhood, district, city, county, region, country, etc. to an entertaining TV or radio series. These funds will go directly to the contributor, no one else. See the following contribution types:

3 stories per week, plus a blog post: $35
2 stories per week, plus slideshow or video post (10 min. or less): $50
5 stories per week, plus a blog post: $55
3 videos per week (Max. 10 min. each), plus a blog post: $95

Select Weekly Option

Weekly blog, weekly story, weekly video, weekly slideshow: $260
Daily stories, weekly blog post, weekly video, one photo slideshow: $470
Daily Video (10 min. each max.): $900
Daily Podcast/Radio (30 min. each max.): $675

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