Edward Snowden Update

Edward Snowden is facing serious repercussions from his actions of leaking so-called state secrets (the fact that he had the ability to spy on any American at any time) from the United States government. However, it is not clear yet what those repercussions will be and Snowden recently released a public statement on WikiLeaks, saying that he does not regret the actions and in Nuremburg fashion, believes that he did the right thing by betraing U.S. government interests in the interests of the general public. He is possibly seeking asylum in Venezuela, but is in Russia right now.

Anonymous Group Supports Legal Pot

Team Vendetta, a group associated with Hacktivist group, Anonymous, is lending a hand, trying to garner support for the legalization of cannabis.

This is part of a movement now known as Occupy Cannabis. The website below details all of the associated groups by state and city:

Two Arrested In UK in Hacking Against PayPal, VISA, Master Card

Two young men allegedly part of the online collective known as Anonymous were arrested on charges of interrupting and interfering with computers used by PayPal, VISA, Master Card and some U.K. government sites, the BBC and Anon News reported:


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