Recent Tweet from MPR on Sand Fraccing

The last tweet IFR received from an email news update from Twitter recounted that "17 active silica sand mining facilities in MN, @ least 21 more in planning stages" from MPR news.

MPR got their data from the MInnesota Pollution Control Agency and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and created a map to illustrate the level of frac sand mining in Minnesota.

Another Vague Report of Alleged Planned Terrorism

CBS News released another story about an alleged terror plot that was foiled by the FBI, this time in the small Minnesota community of Montevideo. As with other major media outlets, not much was released as to how law enforcement or the FBI was led to making the arrest and getting the warrant to raid the suspected man's mobile home, where firearms and Molotov cocktails were allegedly found.

Anonymous Group Supports Legal Pot

Team Vendetta, a group associated with Hacktivist group, Anonymous, is lending a hand, trying to garner support for the legalization of cannabis.

This is part of a movement now known as Occupy Cannabis. The website below details all of the associated groups by state and city:

Two Arrested In UK in Hacking Against PayPal, VISA, Master Card

Two young men allegedly part of the online collective known as Anonymous were arrested on charges of interrupting and interfering with computers used by PayPal, VISA, Master Card and some U.K. government sites, the BBC and Anon News reported:

More Unrest and Violence in Egypt After Soccer Game and 21 Death Sentences

Egyptian Courts recently ruled for the death sentences of 21 individuals allegedly tied to riots that left around 74 dead after a soccer match in Port Said, according to BBC News. Clashes left around 22 more dead and there were attempted prison breaks and a police officer may have been shot dead, the BBC reported Saturday morning.


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