American Police Killing Unarmed Men - What are They Afraid Of and Who are They Mad at?

Black Lives Matter Protest in Minneapolis

Americans keep asking why police are shooting unarmed black, brown and sometimes white civilians and what we are going to do about it. As more video pops up online of the police killing people and often getting away with it, the questions stop and the answers start becoming more obvious. White America is scared to death of Black America, literally.

Russians Likely Hacked DNC in USA to Tap Trump Research


Are the Russians wary of Donald Trump as a potential threat if he wins the nomination for U.S. president by the Republican Party (GOP)? They may have hacked the DNC to find out.

Greg Palast Independent Journalist Uncovers Illegal Voter Fraud

Greg Palast

Greg Palast is an independent American journalist who works in film, magazines, newspapers and the Internet. Read more about Palast and watch a recent video in which Palast states that Bernie Sanders was the only white guy to show up at the Congressional Black Caucus in the early 2000s to decry voter fraud. He alleges that it continues to this day and urges people to support his work uncovering it and stopping it because it is illegal.

Sanders Campaign More Successfully Winning Voters Than Delegates But Will Still Likely Win

IFR predicts Bernie Sanders will actually win the U.S. presidency for the following reasons:
Read the full article to learn more about why IFR predicts Sanders to win the U.S. race for president.

The War Industry Expands Worldwide, But the US is Still Leading the Pack

world cultural influence map
map key

The US has been listed as the most likely country to provoke a third world war on planet earth, but several other countries are also likely provocateurs in the global struggle for peace, freedom and stability.

Man in Wheelchair Shot Dead by Police in Delaware

A Wilmington, Delaware man, 28-year-old Jeremy McDole, was shot to death by police. According to AOL/Newsy, police in Wilmington responded to a 911 call that reported a man shot himself and was armed with a handgun. Police claim that a gun was found next to his body after they shot him. Police say they fired shots at McDole when he refused to put his hands up and reached into his waist to remove the firearm. His mother said he was unarmed and there is video footage of the incident, like many police involved shootings, on YouTube.

Justice Dept and Holder Say Ferguson Police and Courts Racist

Ferguson, Missouri City Hall

The United States Department of Justice and its chief, Eric Holder, released statements on the completion of a probing investigation of the internal workings of the Ferguson, Missouri police and courts, of which the federal agency said had racist tendencies and bias. The federal investigation also cleared the officer, Darren Wilson, who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in the mainly African American suburb of St. Louis.
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FDA Approved Deadly Superbug Devices

FDA superbug fiasco

Photo: University of Dhaka, Department of Microbiology in 2007

It has been reported that at least two deaths are believed to have stemmed from faulty devices used in a UCLA hospital and that the United States Food & Drug Administration knew of the deadly risks and did nothing to order a fix to the problem.

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