5 Great Online Printing and Mailing Resources to Check Out

Mail tools

Printing and mailing may seem irrelevant or old school to the modern consumer, but in the business world mailing and printing are very much widely in fashion. Check out this list of online tools and resources that may be of use to your organization.
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What is the Medical Marijuana Industry Worth?

The medical cannabis industry is growing. It is still in its infancy, even though the unregulated market is already a multibillion dollar black market trade dominated by criminal organizations and domestic citizens combined. Those on the medical end of it are trying hard to legitimize and thanks to a supportive public, efforts are working in their favor as more and more states begin to pass their own versions of medical marijuana legislation or recreational use laws.


How Do Marijuana Dispensaries Work?

Medical marijuana is a tricky term. It is used for medicinal purposes and state laws have it set up that way, however, because the drug remains classified a class 1 narcotic under federal law doctors are prohibited from actually prescribing it and pharmacies are prohibited from supplying it. This is despite the fact that the drug has shown very positive results in treating many medical ailments for human beings. It actually used to be dealt over the counter in the early 1900s.

How Does the Medical Marijuana Industry Work?


A piece of cannabis bud, well-cured (i.e. dried slowly following a specific procedure), home-grown in Finland. Strain: Sweet tooth. Wikimedia Creative Commons image

Wearable Tech Moves Into Medical Device Territory

wearable tech in healthcare could prevent this one day

This week, crowdfunding site Indiegogo released news of "the world's first pain relief" wearable, positioning wearable tech to become a major player in the medical device category, new territory for the new tech phenomenon of wearable technology.
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Business Resources

Business Resources will be the page that is used to give independent business leaders the useful information they need to succeed in the global, national, regional and local markets. Keep checking back for updates to the Business Resources page.

How Google Chromecast and Other Convergence Models Will Benefit Video Content Publishers

Google is changing a lot in the world and commanding more influence as a result. They are investing in Calico, a health care initiative; toying with artificial intelligence (AI); and even in the area of transportation they are making strides with self-driven cars. Google made a smart choice to sink its claws into YouTube, one of the most popular websites in the world that hosts an unimaginable amount of video, everything from "Two Girls One Cup" to "Epic Meal Time".

Facebook's Commercialization May Become Its Worst Enemy

Mark Zuckerberg and his company Facebook celebrated one year of going public today, but some wonder if there is anything to celebrate about.

A Mashable article recently detailed the many changes Facebook has undergone since going public one year ago. Those changes reflect the ongoing focus on money for Facebook, since it has become a company with investors in the stock market that want to make money based on its ability to perform in that realm.


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