FoodNiche Wants You to Start the New Year with New Eating Habits in 21-Day NourishX Challenge

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NourishX Challenge

The New Year has arrived and with it a whole lot of planning to start new trends and accomplishments for 2016. Many people will set out to achieve their goals, with varied rates of success and motivation. When it comes to eating healthy, has brought out a challenge to folks who want to finally take control of their eating habits to fulfill a promise of good health. Do you want to participate in a fun new challenge that could help you look and feel better in 2016 and beyond? Take the NourishX Challenge brought to you by FoodNiche, a food and tech startup.

Each and every year, people decide to start fresh with new goals in their lives and careers. Fitness and nutrition goals have topped the list for New Year’s resolutions and goals. is a food focused startup company that launched in 2015. The company has created the NourishX Challenge, a 21-day program created for people who really aspire to change their eating habits. is a unique online social media platform that focuses specifically on food, connecting people who know each other or would like to share or discover recipes, advice, restaurant recommendations and other food related information. Users can join specific categorical or interest-based groups on the platform as well, similar to other social media platforms. In fact, some have called the social food site the “LinkedIn for food”. Users can also connect with nutrition experts, restaurant owners, food retailers and others to find coupons, engage in intelligent conversations about food choices and eating habits.

The NourishX Challenge is free and open to anyone trying to adopt healthier dining habits. To get started on the NourishX Challenge, simply register your account on and join the challenge. During the 21 days of the challenge, participants will enjoy resources and help with dietary tips and positive reinforcement and encouragement from this social food based community. Participants will also be encouraged to share their experiences on the platform during this 21-day healthy eating challenge. Those who enter the challenge will find support, feedback and camaraderie from their peers on the site. They will also have great access to dieticians, nutritionists and other experts who can help guide participants with information about healthy easting. Make eating a joy rather than a chore.

This challenge truly is unique for those who participate. One of the first things they may notice is the unorthodox approach to dieting. Rather than using traditional methods of counting calories, grams of protein, grams of fat or grams of carbohydrates, as many modern weight loss programs require, participants only track the kinds of food they are eating. Each day of the challenge, participants will only focus on eating foods that are nutrient-dense.

Participants in the NourishX Challenge from are expected to share their dining experiences at least twice per day on a weekly basis. The most active participant in the dietary challenge gets a $100 electronic gift.

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