New in Tech: Remote Pet Ball Fun and Living Off Grid with Solar Box Gadget

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This week, IFR's Gear Junky senses are directed toward two projects seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo and have already made waves on social media as well. One product is a small ball pet toy that can be operated remotely to engage with your pet from afar and the other is a portable modular solar power system that is off the grid.

Playdate is a device developed to interact with dogs, cats or other pets at home that like to interact and play with stuff. This device, which has videos that have been shared endlessly online in the social media space, is equipped with a remote function and a camera. You can use your phone (Android/iOS), tablet or computer to toy with your furry friend when you are out of town a couple days or bored at work. You can also talk directly to your animal through this device. The makers of this device say it is sturdy and the shell is made from a polycarbonate material. You can even take photos during your animal playtime moments. WIth the popularity of animal videos on YouTube and social media sites, this device is sure to be popular with amateur filmmakers out there.

The Kokiak is a solar generator system. It is portable and modular. It is being crowdfunded on Indiegogo. It is also expandable for more battery packs. It houses these external batteries and draws its power from panels that can be chained to gather for more power and efficiency to gather energy. You can interlock up to five panels. The device is waterproof and shatterproof according to the makers. They also say it is somewhat flexible. In addition to the solar panels, the generator can be charged using a car charger or wall charger as well. It can power phones, computers and even appliances.

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