Contentful is releasing SDKs for iOS next week to make managing mobile content far simpler and much faster

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Adam Wiggins is working with Contentful in Berlin Germany and this is the first release since he has been working with them for some months now.

Developers can now plug Contentful into their mobile app and within a few hours editors can start publishing content directly on the app. Contentful's modular approach to content completely separates content from the presentation layer -- content is managed once and is updated across any platform or device.

Mobile web usage now accounts for 25% of total web usage, up from just 14% just last year.

“There is a lot of demand for managing content across mobile platforms. Existing CMS platforms have simply overlooked the rise of mobile and are relying on weak extensions to address the fragmentation of the mobile eco-system. By releasing iOS and Android SDKs for easily integrating Contentful with mobile apps, developers no longer need to worry about managing their content in the backend." - Sascha Konietzke

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