Foundation Sponsors

Non-profit organizations and foundations may choose to sponsor one or more of our contributors but must disclose their relationship to our audience, meaning that foundations may never sponsor any contributor anonymously. Foundations may sponsor contributors like an individual and identify which stories, photos, videos, opinion or other content that are important to their organization. If a contributor doesn't agree with a particular foundation's mission or goals for the content, he/she may opt out of the contribution and the foundation will need to sponsor a different contributor. Foundation support does not mean that IFR endorses the beliefs of any particular institution's position, beliefs, policies, values, mission, ideals or goals. We do believe in open dialogue and the freedom to express thoughts, ideas, opinions and speech.

3 stories per week, plus a blog post: $35
2 stories per week, plus slideshow or video post (10 min. or less): $50
5 stories per week, plus a blog post: $55
3 videos per week (Max. 10 min. each), plus a blog post: $95

Select Weekly Option

Weekly blog, weekly story, weekly video, weekly slideshow: $260
Daily stories, weekly blog post, weekly video, one photo slideshow: $470
Daily Video (10 min. each max.): $900
Daily Podcast/Radio (30 min. each max.): $675

Select Monthly Option



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