The Fiscal Shaft

By Rob Lawson, IFR Publisher

Fiscal cliff my ass. These generously paid propagandists (Congress/President/VP) in Washington are out of their mind. And as always, they've managed to exhibit how hypocritical they are, in principle and practice. And the worse things get for the populace, the more the charade continues to make those at home feel as if there were actually some negotiating going on, I mean dragging on. The gridlock over the so called fiscal cliff is no gridlock, and if there was a cliff to be pushed over, it would've been brought on by the actions of the same morons in charge in the first place. Same senate. Same House. Same President.

These people are literally paid to do nothing about everything. Corporate and special interest groups (mainly in the financial sector) have such a stranglehold on politics in Washington that they have succeeded in grinding progress to a halt. The Democrats are just as much to blame as the Republicans, and they always have been. Those two groups are nothing but deflectors, made men to give you the illusion that some actually important work is being done by your (not really yours) representatives. All the bickering and other nonsense, frighteningly is now just accepted as part of the Washington show in America.

What is important to understand about these groups is straightforward, though the illusion of two sides is still the common perception, is that neither "side" wants to cut anything. It's not about the taxes. We're fucked in that direction no matter what. The large percentage of welfare distributed is among the wealthy. And even among the poor, there are those that have no incentive to produce because they believe it is the government's responsibility to take care of them. Same story with the military. Republicans won't cut it. Democrats won't cut the welfare programs for rich OR poor people.

Disclaimer: As I have written in the past, I consider myself a balanced progressive libertarian. I don't like the left, because for as much as they talk about civil rights and wanting to help the poor, they ultimately bail out the rich and throw poor folks under the bus. I don't like the right because they're always talking about how we need to balance the budget when the reality is there is no balancing the fucking budget because of perpetual inflation and a multitude of debt and currency manipulation worldwide by governments and banks. The banks are the bosses and the politicians are the fall guys. Wall Street crooks are the middle men. And we are the victims. That is just the way it is. There is no cliff. There is just a cold shaft shoved just a little farther up our asses. They should've dubbed it the fiscal shaft. More representative of the truth, I think. But the big media will never say that shit. But I will.

They should have just passed out free condoms on election day to prepare us for the fiscal shaft. But then again, maybe they really are the sick sadists all those conspiracy theorists are always talking about on YouTube. As entertaining as that thought is, the reality is a bit more painful (to the rectal area, again to be consistent in theme - I'm a sucker for style), considering the outcome.

Another reason that the right is full of shit is simple. They accuse the other party of socialism and anti-capitalism. And what does that make them, exactly? If you examine the history, Republicans are simply full of shit. The Republicans (and Dems) routinely help organizations like the American Legislative Council (ALEC) and corporate interests like Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Farm, Big Dicks, you name it! Because it all boils down to BIG BUCKS! But not for individual capitalists like you and me. No. These fucking big bucks belong to the privileged class. The Tycoon class. Deregulate they say. What about pot? No Way! What about selling the organic fruits, grains and vegetables that I grew in my garden without a permit? No Way! "Less government interference in our lives!," they say, but don't really mean. Stop to think about the massive criminal justice industrial complex and military complex we have built up in this country. Less interference? Less interference for the privileged class, is what they really mean. They certainly support locking your ass up and getting rid of people who want to innovate and do things on their own. How did the drug cartel get so powerful? Politics. In Mexico, the drug business is like the corporations in the U.S. To the privileged class, competition is NOT a good thing! Remember that! Why the hell would they ever promote real capitalism? How would they ever corner the market if that were the case? No. They need to show us whose boss. And we accept it.

And Democrats. Real scum, here folks. Democrats pretend that they care about civil rights and personal freedoms. They really don't give a shit about either one. They want to regulate and limit your rights and penalize people for acting in a certain way, saying a certain something, driving the wrong kind of car, having the wrong race (there is no race, remember?) or some other way to squeeze dollars from your pocket to feed the corporate machine that is virtually dependent upon both corporate welfare and welfare for individuals who are dependent upon their products. Democrats will sell you out the first chance they get. Most of them are self righteous, "sophisticated", affluent phonies that feel sorry for you and me. Fuck them. Smug cocksuckers. I'm referring to politicians, mind you, not the voters. They'll sell out your religion, your race, your ideals, your communities, your sexual preferences, your gender, your class, even your educational background. They created a token class and have been using political correctness and pity as a motive for creating cultural sensitivity, which plays well to their political edge.

I don't resent rich people and I don't resent poor people, or being poor for that matter. I just don't respond well to being looted, robbed and extorted. I respect a strong work ethic and fairness through real competition. And I recognize that those in unfortunate circumstances need assistance at times. And that a good government provides some good basic services for the majority of the population. That is what we want. Maximum efficiency, civil/property rights and freedoms with minimum interference and coercion from government. Unfortunately, the two-party fall guy mob has convinced us that we need to be right or left. Black or white (race isn't real). Blue collar, white collar. Judeo-Christian, Muslim (or other). This shit is plain ridiculous. It's just meant to divide us and categorize us, making it easier to socialize us.

I do resent stupid and ignorant people. With all of the information we have access to, how could such a vast number of people become so catatonic and docile? In AMERICA of all goddamned places! I'll tell you. People have become bought out by convenience and a false sense of self. They don't practice true capitalism because they want to be taken care of. As a CitiBank memo stated, we are becoming a plutocracy. We were never really a democracy or a republic after all. We were a theocratic oligarchy shifting towards plutocracy and eventually we will face full on fascism. The facial after the shaft, so to speak. We've been bought out by convenience, television, cheap Chinese and Indian made junk and cars and houses that we can't even afford to drive or live in. Both individuals and government are bound by debt, but the government debt is more insulting because it's more money we have to pay in taxes to keep the same thing happening but WORSE YEAR OVER YEAR! The government has become just as bad as the credit card company. Hell, they bailed out the financial system, so in a sense, they ARE the fucking credit company (working for central bank cartel, anyway).

Don't be fooled folks. The fiscal cliff story is just another reality TV show. Don't forget your Vaseline.

For the record, I advocate a limited, but useful federal government that provides basic services like affordable health care alternatives (NOT Obamacare! Something more similar to Minnesota Care), civil/property rights protection via the law, education, civil defense (NOT militarism or colonial-imperial nation building), infrastructure and human services. I am against subsidizing corporations in any fashion. I also advocate repealing Citizens United.

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