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My Music Local has launched a service to sell digital downloads, samples/production packages and merchandise (including CDs, DVDs, stickers, t-shirts, hats, books, etc.) on their website, The site is geared toward the independent local music scene and bills itself as a cross between a service like iTunes or Amazon and sites like Craigslist, that are locally focused. State by state, city by city, the site administrators, Lawson Media and Publishing, hope to gain enough support to compete online as a digital music store. The site also features a music classifieds and independent artists can upload their music to My Music Local. Submissions should be thorough and sent as a .zip file. Once the administrators review the files (no copyright infringement!) and determine that they may be sold on the site, artists can begin taking advantage of online local music selling. My Music Local takes a small share of the revenue, but markets your music for you! Plus, fans can search for your music by state and stay connected with you. The site promotes various artists to its featured artist section rotation and offers potential buyers the opportunity to listen to the song on the My Music Local Sound Cloud embed. There is a blog and much more. Registered users of the site will receive a free download every month when they join.

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