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Contributing content to Independent Forum Review is the best way to help us fulfill our mission of bringing an engaging independent media network to life. The best way to get started is to post content at YourContent, our social media network. From here, you can share what you have with the world, and, if it meets our editorial guidelines, it may become published at IFR! All contributors that are published on our network, whether interns or independent contractors, have the opportunity to become sponsored through our sponsorship program. We also offer companies the opportunity to hire contractors for research or other purposes, so long as they aren't in conflict with IFR's mission, core ethics and values. We also syndicate our content and offer our contractors a percentage of these earnings as well. There are also paid and unpaid content assignments available at IFR for reporters, writers, filmmakers, photographers, illustrators, producers, broadcasters, animators and game developers. To apply for one of the above positions, please fill out the Lawson Media and Publishing Independent Contractors Application here.

Content Contribution Guidelines

Contributors must produce original content that is not copyrighted by another person or organization.
News and other Journalistic Content
Includes newsworthy articles, how-to guides/tutorials, essays and other useful non-fiction content. Text articles to include source information including links. Follow AP style guidelines for news articles in third person, but we also accept longer literary pieces that may be written in first person point of view. Video should be of decent quality, not too long, with logical information and a complete story. No cheesy effects! Please make videos as professional as possible. Audio should be clear and as close as possible to broadcast quality. Photos, images and slide shows must be logical and useful and images must be sourced and/or captioned. Creative commons images may also be used.
Entertainment and other fiction or works of art (non newsworthy)
Includes music videos, sitcom shows, comedy, art, games, drama, poetry, fictional stories. Content may include text, audio, video, games, photos, images or other media. Content must be high quality with high entertainment value. Use good editorial judgment. Other than that, anything goes!




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