Company Sponsors

Companies may choose to hire our contributors for special research projects, but are not to engage directly with contributors in regard to news and information gathering and reporting if there seems to be a conflict of interest of any kind that interferes with IFR's ability to present truthful, accurate and honest information to our audience. This rule does not obviously apply to entertainment content such as comedy, fiction, entertainment radio/TV, etc. Companies may, however, choose to hire contributors to take part in research that will help develop helpful reports, break-through technology, expansion or improvement to an industry or environment and other projects that could benefit from paid research and information gathering. Contributors may work with a company directly to plan, organize and execute research projects. Contributors may utilize polls, interviews, random sampling, article sourcing, law library indexing, FOIA requests, usability testing and other methods.

Call 612-460-5851 for more information about sponsoring IFR contributors for paid research or for sponsored content production.

News and Information Gathering Services

news, information service online
IFR is an online news, information and entertainment service. You can purchase content and multimedia from the site or subscribe to have full access. In addition to these services, you can consult with IFR directly to start a project. Worth with IFR contributors for news and information gathering for your organization directly or on behalf of groups or the general public.

Research and Information Assistance

research services online
IFR also provides research, research assistance, research copy editing and information assistance, including interviews (phone/email/chat/PM/social media), data entry, reports, data gathering, surveys and more. Call us to learn more about research and information assistance services online via IFR contributors. This information may be used to further the goals of your organization or to enhance the public understanding and awareness.

Entertainment Services

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Do you need entertaining content? So do we. Use content from our contributors within your projects. Get custom talent or entertainment services from IFR contributors. This includes audio/video, animation, social media memes, genre specific text content and writing, scripts, comic books, books/ebooks, blogs, podcasts, broadcast or online radio or tv shows or content and services including writing, editing, video/audio, music, voice talent, illustration/animation and more. Call to work with a talent provider from IFR.



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