5 Great Online Printing and Mailing Resources to Check Out

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Printing and mailing may seem irrelevant or old school to the modern consumer, but in the business world mailing and printing are very much widely in fashion. Check out this list of online tools and resources that may be of use to your organization.
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1. Stamps.com

Stamps.com has become a household name for consumers and businesses that are dealing in high volume mailing and shipping. Some eBay or Amazon users have claimed that it is useful. They send you a free small scale that plugs into your computer's USB port with a standard cable. The software runs as a web app from the Stamps.com server and from there you can print postage. The service costs $15 per month, so don't use it if you are dealing with a low volume.

2. BusinessEnvelopes.com

BusinessEnvelopes.com is an online seller of mailing supplies, particularly business envelopes, like the kinds that have that special plastic window so the recipient can see their name on their mail. Here you can purchase business envelopes and other supplies. You can also get printed envelopes, colored envelopes and other types. They also offer free business checks with a purchase of 1,000 envelopes.

3. Peecho

Peecho print is a great service that web developers can implement with their companies to boost profits, productivity and efficiency. For print publishers, Peecho will allow users to create a button after they upload their documents. The document can be a book, magazine, brochure or poster. The button can be put on websites to allow customers or team members to print the document on demand. Peecho has supply partners to allow this to happen and the visitor pays the fee (or you can set an upcharge and share profits from sales).

4. Direct Mail Tools

For those of you who are interested in direct mail marketing, Direct Mail Tools is a great resource. It utilizes the USPS Every Door Direct Mail campaigns and more. You can upload files, create lists and get technical support. This service more suitable for the enterprise, but some SMBs may find it useful too.

5. Direct Mail Manager

Direct Mail Manager is another useful online tool and resource to help with direct mail marketing campaigns. There is a free account and a $30 paid account, which includes bonus features such as USPS tracking. Users can create custom postcards to send out and perform A/B Testing as well as create advantage lists using the site. There is a 30-day trial available in case you want to try before you buy.

Screenshot from Direct Mail Manager website.

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