Biz Profile: Renee's Royal Valet - Limos, Coaches and Trolleys in Minneapolis, MN

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Renee's Royal Valet - Limos, Coaches and Trolleys in Minneapolis, MN

MINNEAPOLIS—Chad Peterson took over the transportation service business called Renee's Royal Valet - Limos, Coaches and Trolleys, a thriving company that has operated as a premier luxury and touring travel and transportation service in the Twin Cities since the early 1990s.
The company has a long history of winning excellence awards from local publications such as Minnesota Bride and Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine. They usually make the "Best Of" lists and dominate in their category for wedding transportation in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area known collectively with all its suburbs as the Twin Cities. The area is home to around 4 million residents, many with high income. There are many tourist attractions in the area as well. These are great opportunities for RRV.
In addition to providing wedding limos and wedding trolleys, the company also helps its clients/customers plan and coordinate tours. These tours include local craft brewery tours, wine tours, city tours and several others. Minnesota is home to many microbreweries and the industry is growing rapidly. RRV works with its customers and select breweries throughout the twin cities to setup these one-of-a-kind tours. Trolleys make outdoor city tours interesting as well during the summer and early autumn months.
The business has a sizable fleet of beautiful stretch limousines, trolleys and amazing coaches. Each has its own set of great benefits.
For group tours and events in and around the city and suburbs, the trolleys are great for a throwback experience but also to enjoy the beautiful Minnesota outdoors, not to mention the great people watching that is made possible by this retro form of transportation. It's also just downright fun to ride around on one of these things in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, St. Paul or any one of the interesting communities nearby. It sure beats light rail.
Coaches are the nice luxurious looking buses that drive throughout communities and select U.S. cities. Coach travel is an amazing travel experience when done with the right fleet and the experienced staff the way RRV does it. They have taken their coach travel to amazing places, offering groups a chance to travel in comfort and style when going on trips though Minnesota to places like Mystic Lake Casino, Mall of America, Hazeltine National Golf Club (for the 2016 Ryder Cup event in Chaska), Walker Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Minnesota Science Museum and other attractions.
RRV also has a fleet of custom limousines including passenger car and SUV limos. Ford Excursions, Hummers and Lincoln stretch Continentals describe the type of vehicles that the company keeps in its garages. If you are traveling in the twin cities and heading into MSP for some time, call this company to schedule travel services from your hotel (or wherever you are staying) to a select list of destinations. The company has a friendly staff who are knowledgable about the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Their website can be found at

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