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Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is one of the original co-founders of Broadcast.com. He later sold this company as well as MicroSolutions to become filthy rich.

Cuban is originally from Pittsburgh, PA. He attended community college and the University of Pittsburgh before finally graduating from a business school in Indiana that was affordable. He said he was looking to get into the cheapest business school and landed on Indiana University. He picked up an avid interest in sports over the years. It would later propel him into a digital media and tech career with AudioNet.

Cuban eventually went to work selling software after working briefly in banking after graduation. Cuban became an expert in technology and computer networks. He also had a sophisticated sense of business. He formed his own business after this called CompuServe. He later sold that company for $6 million.

Cuban and his business partner Todd Wagner formed AudioNet to stream sports games from college. They developed a business from the idea called AudioNet. They later rebranded it to Broadcast.com. They sold this company to Yahoo! networks for nearly $6 billion.

Mark Cuban later purchased the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team from Ross Perot Jr.

Cuban is also a celebrity and has starred on television shows like Shark Tank.

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