Dave Aug, Owner of Augabout Consulting, Launches Forward WiFi, Adding to Growing List of Services

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Dave Aug, posed at the LMP office with router technology used for social media powered WiFi marketing business, Forward WiFi

Photo:Dave Aug, posed at the LMP office with router technology used for social media powered WiFi marketing business, Forward WiFi.

After working on a customized system and brand development for more than a year, Dave Aug decided the time was right to bring his idea to life and offer the service to the public. Aug, owner and founder of the Forward WiFi brand, partnered with Lawson Media and Publishing (LMP) to help expand Forward WiFi. Robert Lawson, owner of LMP, agreed to incorporate the new technology with his publishing network. The new service will enable local businesses in the United States to monetize their free public WiFi. Using this custom technology platform, businesses can generate leads, offer promotions, integrate a custom loyalty program and engage more with their customers and followers.

Aug, owner and founder of Augabout Consulting, whose background is advertising and project management, got his start in the digital era after graduating from the Art Institutes International Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in advertising. At that time, technology was explosively progressing across the spectrum with new apps, and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Years later, with a love for advertising and design, he saw that mobile and WiFi would have a big impact on how his generation would consume media.

Aug partnered with Lawson, who runs a media and publishing/advertising network, to strategically create marketing platforms designed for the best possible user experience and holding steady to the idea that interruptive ads are dead. Forward WiFi eliminates passwords by letting customers login with their social media accounts or email. With a seamless quick user experience, businesses can engage better with customers, increase online reviews, offer coupons, integrate a custom loyalty app, build an email list or view real time customer behavior metrics to better understand how they use your website or other services.

As printed media is yesterday’s news channel, the Internet is the new media of today.

“Having a tool and means to deliver this has changed everything, as I call it the most legal addicting drug used by everyone,” Aug said. “This will have a big impact and open up more unique revenue streams for advertisers, marketers, networks and business owners who provide Wi-Fi. Until now, the only people who really profited from the Internet were search engines, mobile/web apps, social media advertising and email/website banner ads that were more popular when I was going to college.”

Businesses now pay expensive cable bills each month to provide free Internet to its customers just to keep them coming back. Now, with Forward WiFi, the business will be able to monetize their login page and reap the rewards like the big search engines and popular social media sites are doing with targeted niche advertising. Businesses can also lease ad space to partners or other local area businesses to help subsidize those Internet bills.

Smartphones and devices like tablets and laptops have given people the opportunity to login almost anywhere with wireless technology by simply finding an access point or WiFi Networks.
Customer expectations rise with the rapidly evolving technology, so eliminating passwords and using social media to login has become commonplace today. Millennials and younger customers want to be connected to their devices everywhere they go and give preference to businesses that offer public WiFi hotspots.

“It seems any millennial or younger customer is almost more concerned about a free hotspot / Internet access than using the bathroom.” Aug said. “If you happen to look around lately you know what I mean.”

Previously, paper ads and those gas pump, countertop and bathroom ads got our attention. Now ads can be interactive. When the business owner uses Forward WiFi, he/she can have a custom splash login page that easily allows the customer to login using their Facebook credentials or their email. Nowadays, logging in with these apps that most people have running on their phones 24/7 makes it easy and convenient. Popular apps have already jumped on the bandwagon, such as iHeart Media and
other user entertainment applications. This allows for a seamless experience for the customer that is relatable and they have probably done it before.

As for the business owner, this login feature allows them to collect customer email and information for marketing promotions, newsletters, create coupons that will automatically send to their email address and go into an email collection platform like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

With his brand and advertising background, Aug will use this as another tool within an integrated social media campaign to help his accounts grow and stay ahead of their competition. What makes Aug stand apart is the knowledge and expertise he offers businesses on how to use this new technology.

Advertisers can also work with Augabout/LMP to expand their ad network through various channels, networks, platforms, etc.
Learn more about Forward WiFi at forwardwifi.com
Learn more about Augabout Consulting at augabout.com
Learn more about LMP at lawsonmediapub.com

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